Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3-D Teaching

Lately, I have been staying up way to late watching educational talks on  After watching Lynn Erickson's recent talk at the IB Conference in the Hague, my current unit - Where We Are In Time and Place took a turn for the better. 

Have you heard of Lynn Erickson?  If you are interested in developing students thinking, you will want to listen to her ideas or maybe purchase some of her books, especially if you teach PYP or MYP.  

In this, she discusses The 3-Dimensional Teaching model.

Here's a test to see if you are working with topic or concept?
·      Concepts are timeless.
·      Concepts are universal.
·      Concepts are abstract.  (too different degrees)
·      Some concepts are very broad.
·      Concepts are mental constructs.
·      Concepts are one or two words
·      Concepts are universal.
·      Concepts don’t change 

I hope you enjoy the video!  

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