Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Classroom Community

Sometimes it comes naturally and let's face it, other times we work all year at creating a positive atmosphere in our classrooms.  Well, this year, thanks to Ms. Durning-Leander at Second Grade is Splendid, I found a daily reflection sheet and adapted it to my class.  See her original post here.  Click on the link to see inside her Bee Binders.  I love the Bee Binder idea and have used this as well.  Check it out.

Daily Reflections.  So, why do I really like this?  One reason is that I have gotten very positive comments from parents.  They like knowing how their kids were in school.  I write both positive and constructive feedback for the students.  It is a great prompt for me to communicate more with the students and their parents about how the student's behavior meets or does not meet expectations.  Students get excited to see what I have written and some even write other types of comments back to me about things that are going on at home. 

I send these home each night in their Bee Binders and then collect them the following Monday.  I keep them as a record of communication with the parents and it definitely helps when it comes to report writing time! 

Secondly, when the students are on "slow down and think about it",  they write their own comment and reflect on what happened.  This really helps the student to take more responsibility for their behavior.

So, here it is for you to use and adapt as you like.  Next year, when I do this again, I will try to find a way to add in more PYP (Primary Years Program) language.  I would like to come up with a good way to include the learner profile and the PYP attitudes.

What do you think?  I would love to hear your comments!  If you do use this, I would love to hear or see how you have adapted it. Click the photo below.

My Daily Reflection



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