Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's Create Tutorials!

Dear friends, 

Today I am re-posting a blog from my newest bloggy-friend, Vicky.  What do you think of her idea?  Leave your comments below or even better a link to your tutorials! 

She has called on all of us bloggers to create tutorials.  As I mention in my first post, I created this blog after watching some tutorials on the Virtual Teaching Expo and from watching some of Kristen's tutorials at Ladybug's Teacher Files.  

I am going to try to answer her challenge and create some tutorials... My first tutorial might even be how to create a tutorial!  Let's learn together!  

Vicky's Post from Monday, March 5, 2012

Challenge for veteran and or new bloggers...

So I couldn't sleep last night for some crazy reason and at 2:21 I had an idea that I wanted to share...

Has anyone ever thought about videoing themselves creating a page or 2 from their units/packs they create and uploading it to YouTube as a tutorial?  There could even be a series on how to create the unit - do you use Word or printshop, backgrounds, borders, layering etc....You could do one on how to embed google docs correctly or scribd to your blog...  I mean think of the possibilities - the hits you would get and people would start pinning - oh my!  LOL  ( think: the small things blog and her hair tutorials  - pinterest exploded with those... )

Anyway I thought 2 things:  You could include your links to your blog/TPT store and get a lot more traffic that way --- also you could be helping out new bloggers that don't know how to do all that stuff.  I have had questions about it and I have had emails of brand new bloggers that have some questions and I've seen questions on other blogs in the comment area.  What do you guys think?!?  Am I crazy? Has it already been done and I'm late to the gate?  Is it a lame idea?  Would it take way too long to video?

It could help bring new customers to veteran bloggers and if you are just starting up and a pro at creating those cute units you could certainly gain some followers.

If you think this would work at all - post this on your blog and get some feedback could even use my button code.  I'm curious what people think.  If you could figure out a way to make it private and sell it I'm sure people would pay too...I see $$ dollar signs and more importantly - a way to be a mentor and help a fellow bloggy friend out.  Have a wonderful week and if this idea is totally lame -- I blame it on being sleep deprived. ;O) 


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